Body corporate/Property managers Dunedin & surrounds

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Body corporate/Property managers Dunedin & surrounds

Post by JACAR » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:15 pm

Hi all, if this is too far off topic please advise and I will delete.. I work for a company that builds UFB networks for Chorus. We do everything from 2 unit blocks of flats to shopping malls, hotels and large apartment buildings. We are soon to start operations in Dunedin, Queenstown, Invercargill and other towns in the region. There seem to be quite a few lower south island guys here so I thought to ask. Is anyone employed in , or do they know - who the big property owners/property managers/body corporate managers are? My job is best described as stakeholder management. I get consent from property owners and body corporates for the installations. It can be a pain so I also do a lot of 'training' to help property professionals and owners understand what the UFB network is, how its built and why it is necessary. As of early March I am going to be based in Dunedin and/or Queenstown for 6 -8 weeks initially and want to help these groups I will work with move the UFB rollout from being a PIA to routine so they can explain to their clients - as I have done with Crockers, Baileys, Colliers, Heritage Hotels and others here for Auckland and Wellington. (we are also looking for local UFB contractors if anyone knows people)
And if I am going to be there for a while, am trying to figure out how or if to bring the Fraser down to take advantage of the driving there. Part of my 'dream' has always been a road trip around the SI in the fraser, this work opportunity may work out even better. Thanks, Carey

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Re: Body corporate/Property managers Dunedin & surrounds

Post by Linesy » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:28 pm

Hi Carey,

Sorry I can't be much help with the property side of your post but I can recommend the drive from Auckland to Invercargill in a 7.
I did it in a bit of a rush when I got my car, left Auck early Sunday morning, in Invers Monday Arvo. Even on that schedule it was fun. If you've got the chance take the drive, some great roads to find!


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