Lotus 7/907 - Back on the Road.....

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Lotus 7/907 - Back on the Road.....

Post by Binzy1 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:51 pm

Well FINALLY Team Binzy Lotus is back rolling after a couple of months of mucking around. Pleased to say the work on both front & rear has been a huge improvement in both comfort & handling.
Front end -- meant rebuilding top A-Arms to add caster adjustment to improve a few straight-line & cornering issues. New shocks/springs (Mark was a legend here) to improve ride, cornering and looks. Steering rack raised to handle new found movement in front end without smashing in to uprights. Front mounts all strengthened by Hawkes Bays best welder.
Rear End -- all taken out a rose-jointed to allow freedom of movement.
As well as some other welding repairs, trans tunnel 'hoop' and new bolts, nuts, hardened washers all round it was bigger than thought would be when started out!.
Basically it's like driving a different car & although expected improvement didn't expect so much!
Decided to celebrate with a new gear knob (had no money left for anything more major) to replace the well used Momo.
Thought long and hard as to the trends of popular billet, traditional chrome, English leather etc etc....then found this it struck a chord in a few ways:
Red (like the car), has a 7 on it & is 'old skool' like the car. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you know what........who cares!!!
Plus will get a matching 8-ball when build the Cobra.

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Re: Lotus 7/907 - Back on the Road.....

Post by KiwiBirkin » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:12 pm

Great news that the car is back on the road and just in time for summer, as with most of these cars that we buy second hand we continue to improve them and fix the very small stuff up the previous owners made....enjoy. I like the new gear knob a fitting fixture for your car. 8-)
Why walk when you can accelerate through life in a 7..... :lol:

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