Toppo's Ride

Tell us about your Seven and show us some pics of your car
This is for completed cars on the road.

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Toppo's Ride

Post by toppo » Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:12 pm

My Dixon was delivered yesterday :D ,
Spent the best part of today out and about in it.
Already got a couple of mods to look at, mainly the exhaust, will look at a side exit system which I will make myself.
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Re: Toppo's Ride

Post by KiwiBirkin » Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:16 pm

Nice Toppo congrats on your it like you stole it and look after it and it will return your investment 10 fold in smiles and fun.
Why walk when you can accelerate through life in a 7..... :lol:

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