Birkin S3 resourse's (PDF's)

Documents, manuals and any other resourse that you can think of that will help fellow owners or buyers of Sevens.
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Birkin S3 resourse's (PDF's)

Post by KiwiBirkin » Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:38 pm

Below are links to all the PDFs that Birkin supply for building the S3 model. Some of the info in the PDFs show how a S3 Seven replica is assembled and may be of use to other kit builders

Build Doctor


Body Chassis RHD

Steering & Pedals

Front Suppesion

Rear Suppension

Chassis Accessories

Lights Wiring

Windscreen, Wiper & Motor Kit

Upolstery & Interior

Weather Equipment

Owners manual

Birkin Factory Manufactured Parts
The Birkin BIY is not built from donor car parts. The parts listed on this Information sheet are manufactured at the Birkin Factory specifically for the Birkin S3 range of products. Every component required to Build-a-Birkin is available from the factory for your convenience and peace of mind. For the more adventurous, parts to fit can be sourced from alternative suppliers or made in your workshop – however, we do recommend that you buy all the safety critical parts from the factory. ... dParts.pdf

Birkin Widtrack Conversion Requirments.
For those Birkin Owners who currently run the Live Axle Narrow Track S3 (the front track of the car 1330mm is narrower than the back 1410mm), we now offer an upgrade package to convert your Birkin to the Wide Track Front. (The front and back track of the car will be the same width 1410mm). Please read the attachment carefully to determine which upgrade package you will need to do the conversion. ... EMENTS.pdf

Birkin Kit Components
Why walk when you can accelerate through life in a 7..... :lol:

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